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Stage Case Study ESM Ertl
Innovative contour control.

ESM Ertl Systemlogistik says goodbye to conveyor technology.

More than 1.7 million pallets are handled at ESM Ertl Minden every year. To adapt the 40,000 square metre, fully temperature-controlled logistics area to new customer requirements, Jungheinrich intralogistics experts have devised a new world-first in the form of automatic contour Control.


  • Significant increase in goods throughput and storage space required in the existing logistics area.
  • Switch from the existing Jungheinrich shuttle compact storage system with block warehouses to an automated warehouse without conveyor technology.
  • At the same time, the new warehouse architecture needed to offer highest levels of scalability and reliability.


  • Seventy metre long, automated narrow-aisle warehouse created, with 14 aisles and space for 13,000 pallets.
  • Seven Jungheinrich ETX 515a automated high rack stackers equipped with telescopic forks from the Jungheinrich subsidiary Mias installed in the warehouse.
  • Pallets are transferred at 56 cantilever transfer stations featuring the innovative contour control system developed by Jungheinrich.
  • At each inspection point, four sensors check the units from all sides to identify any overhangs and release fault-free load carriers to the Jungheinrich Warehouse Control System (WCS) for subsequent storage.
  • If problems are identified during the contour control, the system indicates the affected area via four lights arranged in a square.


  • Problem-free handling in the automated warehouse without complex, space-consuming conveyor technology.
  • High redundancy thanks to a total of 56 cantilever transfer stations with contour control.
  • Supports continuous 24/7 operation.
  • Tangible cost benefits within a very short time Frame.

ESM Ertl Systemlogistik in a nutshell:

Picture Case Study ESM ERtl Quote
Dominic Ertl
CEO of ESM Ertl Systemlogistik Minden

"With the new Jungheinrich system, we save time, reduce costs and boost our productivity."

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