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Full power for you.

Energy management

For industrial trucks to deliver maximum performance, they must be constantly energised. With the extensive Jungheinrich ‘energy management system’, your electric industrial truck will keep on going.

Jungheinrich replacement batteries.

When you need it fast.

Has your truck battery suddenly run out? No need to worry – because we have a comprehensive service package to quickly electrify your fleet again: With the provision of replacement or rental batteries, through to tips on battery care, we will soon get your truck back on track.

Jungheinrich Li-ion retrofit.

The performance boost for your fleet.

Let your industrial trucks enjoy new power – it’s easy with our Li-ion retrofit service. As a pioneer in the intralogistics sector with our own research, development and battery production, we offer all-round competence in the field of lithium-ion technology. This allows us to assist you in increasing your operating times and energy efficiency significantly, compared to lead-acid batteries.

Jungheinrich powerSCAN

The check-up for your Li-ion battery

The Jungheinrich powerSCAN means that your industrial trucks always perform at their best and can be set for optimal use. This check, specifically for Li-ion batteries, tests the energy sources regularly and comprehensively: this includes an annual service to evaluate the handling of your battery, software updates and visual checks on the condition of the battery, charger and the vehicle. In this way, the Li-ion battery in your  truck always maintains its  high performance levels, well beyond the warranty period.

Jungheinrich energy consulting.

Helps get your fleet started.

Would you like to convert your fleet to Li-ion technology? It’s as easy as pie: our energy experts create an individually tailored energy concept. We carry out a holistic energy consultation on site – with an actual analysis of the existing systems, creation of energy profiles and charging concepts to optimise your overall energy balance. Switch now and benefit from the extensive power of our Li-ion technology.

Jungheinrich charger service.

Always live.

The Jungheinrich charger service means that your vehicles can access their full performance levels at all times with a well working forklift charger. We take care of checking and ensuring the functionality of your chargers. This means that your lead-acid or Li-ion batteries are not damaged during the charging cycles and are fully operational in the long term.

Jungheinrich battery service.

For a lot of power in the long run.

In order to perform powerfully at all times, you need reliable energy suppliers. Play it safe with the Jungheinrich battery service: whether you have a replacement or rental battery or questions about care - you can rely on our service. We take care of battery checks, battery cleaning and regular battery maintenance.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Manufacturer competence
  • Longer lifespan for your batteries and chargers
  • Greater safety and performance of your vehicles
  • Maximum reliability for all operators
  • Compliance with all regulations at due date
  • Long-term investment security for fork lift trucks, batteries and chargers
  • Inspection tag
  • Detailed test report on the charger

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