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Stationary chargers

Find the suitable charger for your batteries. 

Jungheinrich provides you with the most suitable charger for your highly efficient lithium-ion as well as your conventional lead-acid batteries – whether in single, two or three-shift operation, for light or heavy operations, with or without intermediate charging. You get the perfect charging technology for practically any battery type and any periphery. For maximum battery lifecycles and performance as well as optimum availability of your vehicles. The Jungheinrich high-frequency charger SLH 300/300i and our charger SLT 150 with transformer technology are suited for any 24, 48 and 80 volts applications.

Optional electrolyte circulation

Without the optional electrolyte circulation (EUW), various layers of acid form inside the battery. This leads to an increased acid density in some lead plates and, thus, to increased aging. EUW causes the mixing of the liquid electrolyte, thereby preventing the formation of acid layers. The uniform density and the resulting amount of available energy protect the lead plates. 

Chargers with automatic equalizing charge 

The chargers SLH 090 and SLT 100 both come with an automatic equalization charge: Each of the dozens of battery cells including the positive and negative electrodes of each cell is fully charged. As a result, the batteries reach their optimum condition with respect to the homogeneous electrolyte density and the identical charge state in all sections of the electrode as well as the microstructure.

Automatic trickle charging

If an electric vehicle is connected to the charger for too long after charging is complete, self-discharge of the battery can occur. To prevent this, the automatic trickle charge system of our chargers SLH 090 and SLT 100 periodically sets off short charging impulses. Result: Even after long downtimes of the vehicle, the battery is almost fully charged for the next operation.

Highest efficiency for every battery.

SLH 300/300i

All-round charger using gentle high-frequency technology

SLH 300 300i

  • Can be used for all standard 24, 48 and 80-volt applications
  • Suitable for standard lead-acid batteries and lithium-ion batteries
  • High levels of flexibility with easy switching between both types of battery technology
  • Very short charging times ensure maximum availability of batteries and forklift trucks
  • Energy savings of between 20% and 30% compared with conventional chargers
  • Optional: Electrolyte recirculation for long battery life
  • Automatic water replenishment thanks to level sensor 

SLT 150

Transformer charging device

Content SLT 150 Batteries

  • With combined transformer and rectifier technology
  • Available in 24V, 48V, und 80V
  • Low procurement costs and good price-to-performance ratio
  • Simple to operate, with no software settings required
  • Lower energy costs, thanks to a Wa pulse curve with a charging factor of 1.1
  • Optimal, automatically adjusted charging procedure regardless of battery age or charge state
  • Additional safety when in operation thanks to an automated monitoring system
  • Automatic continuation of the charging procedure after a power outage
  • Long-lasting and robust – for sustained use, even under dusty conditions
  • Optional: electrolyte recirculation

We will assist you in finding the most suitable stationary charger for your needs.

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