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Racking and warehouse storage

Racking is the key to optimum throughput efficiency. Our key offering is this: Integrated warehouse planning, where the racking and the forklift truck/rack operating equipment work "hand in hand" as a single, collaborative storage system.

We provide a comprehensive range of racking and storage systems, mezzanines and self-supporting stores (silos) for accommodating everything from pallets, containers and trays to boxes and long goods. The efficiency of your entire material flow is increased by our bespoke warehouse racking system design.

Racking for pallets and lattice boxes

Do you store your products primarily on pallets and in lattice boxes? We are ready for any application and can provide you with various racking systems and warehouse racks for different storage and order picking tasks. Our multi-bay racking systems provide you with access to all your items, they are also available for narrow aisles and offer particularly good utilisation of the warehouse space. We also like to reach for the heights with our high-bay racking. Mobile racking is also part of our portfolio for warehouses with limited storage space. These are just a few of our solutions for pallet storage, which can easily be adapted to your individual needs. Our product range also includes various warehouse racks and racking systems for small parts and picked goods, such as modular racking systems for optimum access to all items and drive-through racking for optimal use of space with a high filling ratio. Do you have particular requirements? Then talk to us: We will be happy to help with your warehouse planning.

Warehouse systems for long loads

Do you need to store long loads such as bars, pipes or boards? Our cantilever racking can be extended using additional elements as required. The load can be secured in it with optional restrictions. Have your storage needs increased without you having the opportunity to provide additional space? Then use our mezzanine platforms to create additional warehouse space without changing the structure of your buildings. In combination with our modular racking systems, these create order picking platforms which enable you to incorporate your upper warehouse area into the picking zone.

Extensive accessories for your storage facility

Set up your racks and warehouse racking systems with our wide variety of options. Our range includes drip trays for different capacities and purposes, as well as transport containers and tipping containers. A variety of markers and barriers as well as impact protection also complement our offer. This also includes accessories for your fleet of fork lift trucks and bridge plates for the loading and unloading of vehicles.

60 years of Racking and Warehouse Storage

A well-designed racking system is the backbone of your warehouse. Once installed, it must be up to the everyday challenge of dealing with loads but whats more, it also needs to be flexible enough to accommodate your requirements as they develop. Future-proof planning is therefore essential.

Your system with numerous options

Pallets and lattice boxes can be stored in different ways, depending on the space availability at your premises. Static storage is an option if you only need to move your goods for stacking, retrieval or stock transfer.

Moveable and flexible

As far as the storage of your goods is concerned, we are prepared for each of your applications and we can provide you with the right pallet racking for different warehousing and picking tasks – if necessary adapted to your individual specifications.

Optimum use of space and maximum throughput

Jungheinrich is ready for any application and can provide you with the appropriate small parts racking for any storage or order picking tasks.

Individual, needs-based and flexible

Regarding the storage of your small parts, different options are available depending on the application. Together we will find a solution for all your applications – adapted to your individual specifications.

Efficient use of space

When you need to store long loads such as bars, pipes and boards, cantilever racking is the best option. Mezzanine platforms create additional warehouse space.

Racking systems

Racking systems are much more than just steel and iron. They are the key to optimum throughput performance, provided that the racking system is designed to suit your requirements. You benefit from our vast experience and expertise as a full-range supplier for warehouse equipment.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions & answers about warehouse racking

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