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SATAIR gains maximum efficiency with minimum fuss.

Improving storage for aircraft parts no mean feat, but Jungheinrich delivers.

When SATAIR decided to upgrade storage at its aircraft parts warehouse, Jungheinrich was up for the challenge. A high-quality, flexible racking setup along with a hand-picked fleet guaranteed faster and safer throughput along with increased and efficient storage capacity, all within set timeframes.


  • Greatest use of space for maximum storage wanted.
  • Diverse range of products: storage required that could hold all goods.
  • Short timeframe: fast solution needed.
  • Range of trucks to manage diverse inventory wanted.


  • Integrated picking, transport and storage systems provided.
  • Mobile cantilever, selective racking and modular racking systems installed.
  • Logistics implemented within given timeframe.
  • Tailored range of trucks and pickers delivered for optimised productivity and handling.


  • Integrated logistics ensure most efficient processes.
  • Mobile racking eliminates need for multiple access aisles, increasing storage capacity significantly.
  • Combination of multi-bay, mobile and modular racking ensures all goods are easily and suitably stored.
  • Uninterrupted operations thanks to fast installation, completed on time.
  • Cost-effective, clean energy trucks and pickers ensure maximum productivity.

SATAIR in a nutshell:

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