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Logistics fleet meets the highest demands

88 fork lift trucks for pfenning logistics

In the 20-hectare logistics centre owned by pfenning logistics, a fleet of our fork lift trucks forms the basis for efficient material flows. At peak times, the operator increases the already 88-strong fleet at multicube rhein-neckar with rental trucks. 

Optimal use of space in narrow aisles

pfenning logistics GmbH is a logistics specialist from Baden-Württemberg. With a capex volume of 100 million euros, pfenning logistics set up a new corporate headquarters and a 20-hectare logistics centre in Heddesheim, the multicube rhein-neckar, in 2013. The goods are stored in two areas of the building: The northern section mainly contains food and other everyday necessities, while chemicals are stored in the southern section. The narrow aisle warehouses account for well over 5,000 pallet movements a day.

In order to use the space optimally, we were involved at an early stage in the development of the space and fleet concept. pfenning logistics had already decided on the rough planning for a concept that focuses on narrow aisle warehouses. For the narrow aisle truck, long operating distances with a single battery charge were important due to the demands of handling food products.

Christopher Granath
Head of Process Engineering at pfenning logistics

"The devices cope easily with two shifts. Energy recovery also contributes to this. This factor was decisive for us when making a purchase."

Even faster thanks to telescopic forks

At the heart of the fleet of fork lift trucks are 23 EKX 515 electric high level combination picker/stackers, which are mechanically guided in the aisles. Christopher Granath, Head of Process Engineering at pfenning logistics, explains: "Jungheinrich has kept the aisles very tight at our request, in order to achieve even better use of space. In addition, the narrow aisles in the north and south sections are the same width, so they can also be accessed by the EKX 515". 

The EKX 515 narrow aisle trucks are adapted to different requirement profiles and work with energy recovery. The power of these vehicles is based on their 80-volt 3-phase AC technology and their high torque, which ensures effective acceleration. With a lift height of 8.4 metres, the vehicles store goods on Euro pallets or industrial pallets in the north section. For the south section, they were equipped with triplex masts to enable stacking of chemical pallets up to 14.4 metres in height. "We had 16 of them equipped with telescopic forks for a major customer from the food industry. This allows us to benefit from faster warehouse operations and fulfil high throughput levels", says Granath.

The fleet also includes 65 ETV 216, EFG 220 and ERE 225 standard trucks, some of which also provide energy recovery when lowering the load. At peak times, additional rental trucks can be obtained.

Powerful battery management

Christopher Granath says: "Based on selecting the finest technology, we decided in favour of Jungheinrich narrow aisle trucks, of which we already had experience at other locations. Long run times with a single battery charge were fundamental for the purchase. The devices cope easily with two shifts. At times, they even manage three-shift operation around the clock. Energy recovery also contributes to this. This factor was decisive for us when making a purchase".
For us as a supplier, the very short delivery times for rental equipment also worked in our favour according to Granath. Furthermore, we provided flexible support to the company during the implementation phases. For example, when adjusting the speed profiles and lift heights of the 16 EKX 515 vehicles in the north sector — a task that was tackled separately for each of the 66 aisles.

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