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Stage Rental Fleet Management
Maximum safety. Minimum expense.

Rental fleet management

Our answer to the demands of fleet users. Become flexible across borders and benefit from more safety and transparency with reduced costs.

Times are changing

We adapt to your needs.

Whether for technological, procedural or economic reasons or in order to address short-term or country-specific requirements – as a fork lift truck fleet operator you must be prepared for all eventualities and be as flexible as possible. For this reason we developed our Jungheinrich Rental Fleet Management.
With an optimised core fleet we ensure that you are well equipped for your everyday work. Peaks in demand are planned for in advance and covered with additional trucks in a timely manner. If your requirements should increase unexpectedly we can quickly supply additional fork lift trucks. When trucks are no longer required we take them back. In this way you can avoid excess capacities. Despite the reduced core fleet we guarantee high levels of availability.

Exactly what you need

Our offer to you.

We devise individual solutions for your fleet management - including optimisation, service and replacement - for a fixed price per fork lift truck.
Based on our deployment analyses we select the ideal fork lift truck trucks for your requirements. Which loads have to be transported along which routes? Which types of shelving do you use and how suitable are they? Are your charging stations correctly equipped? In what areas does optimisation potential exist? We record all results for each site in a clear and comprehensible manner. Our experience in a wide range of sectors shows that the existing core fleet can be reduced by an average of 10%. During the contract term our RFM specialists will ensure continuous fleet optimisation. They will regularly check the utilisation and specification of your fleet on-site. Unsuitable trucks will be replaced or their number adapted to the turnover volume. If you are planning to close a site we will take the superfluous fork lift truck and pallet trucks back.

Everything you always wanted to know

We will show you.

We provide you with a detailed overview of the status and utilisation of your fleet – regionally, nationally and internationally. In this way optimisation potential can be easily identified.

To begin with: site analysis

Our team will determine the size, type and age of your fleet on a site-specific basis, check your processes and the utilisation of each individual truck and put together a graphic representation of the data. Our fleet inventory and analysis tools enable the quick and simple recording and visualisation of your data. In this way areas of potential optimisation can be easily identified. We provide you with all this and more in our comprehensive documentation.

Tracing costs

Our site analyses often not only reveal unsuitable or even unnecessary trucks, but also that administrative costs are very high. By transferring your fleet management to us you can greatly reduce these costs. You can save up to 50 percent of internal costs. This reduces the burden on your employees and frees them up for other tasks. We will also show you the financial impact of your maintenance, repair and forced damage costs.

More data - more possibilities

Our telemetry solutions have proved to be a good additional management tool for fleets. These are web-based information systems used for the analytical collection, monitoring and evaluation of data for a wide range of truck types on a site-independent, international basis. On our dashboards we combine this technical truck data with commercial economic ratios. This gives you full transparency regarding your fleet, while also allowing you to monitor the success of our RFM model.

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