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Jungheinrich JUNGSTARS

Always an excellent investment

With the purchase of a JUNGSTARS you benefit from economic, technical and ecological advantages as well as from a variety of services only provided by Jungheinrich.

Your benefits

Great variety
We have the perfect solutions for your special demands. About 60,000 used trucks in more than 600 variations are ready for delivery on your demand.

Quick availability
We guarantee short-term delivery. Many of our JUNGSTARS can be shipped immediately.

Costs under control
As good as new, but to significantly lower costs. JUNGSTARS save money.

Immediate support at any time
Jungheinrich has one of the industry’s most well-connected service networks at your disposal.

Always taken care of
During the entire lifecycle of your truck, we guarantee the availability of genuine spare parts.

Technical safety
The safety equipment fulfills the newest standards of appropriate safety regulations and EU edicts. There is no need for supplementary additions. 

Low risk of drop out
Refurbished and replaced components, e.g. the battery, protect you from unexpected follow-up or replacement investments. 

Resale value
Due to our high-end refurbishment our JUNGSTARS reach a higher resale value than others.

Even for rock-hard operations
Due to the industrial refurbishment and testing of all components our JUNGSTARS are in perfect condition for rock-hard operations.

For the sake of the environment
Our JUNGSTARS are sustainable. Demonstrably.

Motivated drivers
Clean forklift trucks provide clean performance. Mint condition and up to date configuration features provide a motivating, comfortable working environment for the driver. This motivates the operator not only to act thoroughly with the vehicle, but also raises your turnover.

Our 5-Star Principle

A JUNGSTAR used forklift leaving our refurbishment centre is certified in the truest sense of the word: It fulfills the high demands of our 5-star quality standards. 5 stars that determine every single step of our refurbishment process; 5 stars you can rely on.

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