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Good outlook in Victorinox's high-bay warehouse.

13 metres in height, 10 aisles and one logistical masterpiece.

To supply customers more directly and with lower costs, the Swiss knife manufacturer Victorinox, opted for a production-related distribution with semi-automatic pallet racking and EKX stackers in its newly built central high-bay warehouse. The result: Maximum precision in the material flow. 


  • Creation of a central location for direct product shipment.
  • Faster order processing and cost savings in delivery.
  • High flexibility for picking larger products and smaller lot sizes.
  • Increase in handling capacity and reduction in error rate.


  • Semi-automatic high-bay pallet rack with space for over 9500 pallet locations.
  • EKX narrow aisle and ETV reach trucks for economical operation in ten warehouse aisles.
  • Warehouse Management System WMS for reliable coordination of transport orders. 
  • Logistics Interface and laser navigation for fast and precise storage.


  • Future-proof and expandable logistics solution for worldwide product shipping.
  • Largest connected warehouse with EKX and ETV industrial trucks in Switzerland.
  • Flexible picking processes for different product sizes in the narrow-aisle warehouse.
  • Error-free distribution thanks to semi-automated, digitalized processes.

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