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Jungheinrich Operator Safety Training

Training has always been important to Jungheinrich. Trained operators will provide a more productive machine and improve the life of your truck.

Jungheinrich operator safety training trains operators in the safe use of forklifts, reach trucks, and other MHE. Operator will be given an understanding what can cause instability, best practice driving techniques, battery maintenance or other relevant training applicable to the truck.

Why sign your operators up for Jungheinrich Operator Safety Training? 

The cost of an accident can far outweigh the cost of training. "Prevention is far more cheaper than the cure". It is important that trained forklift drivers also attend a safety training every year. Besides forklift operator trainings for beginners and experienced operators, these trainings can also be booked as refreshers to ensure that your operators' safety knowledge are refreshed and up-to-date. With Jungheinrich operator safety training you can ensure that your warehouse is a safe and productive environment for your employees. 

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Jungheinrich Operator Safety Training

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