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Electric pallet stackers

For light stacking tasks with low intensity

Easy to use even for inexperienced operators. Ideal for light use in narrow warehouse environments and occasional stacking and order picking.

Pedestrian mode only for short distances

Maximum performance even for inexperienced operators. With numerous truck options for every purpose and every warehouse environment.

Pedestrian/ride-on operation for medium distances

The pedestrian controlled trucks with hinged or fixed stand-on platform combine the manoeuvrability of a pedestrian stacker with the comfort of a ride-on truck.

Ergonomic seat for long distances

Electric sideways seated stackers offer optimum driving and acceleration performance. Sideways seating position provides the operator with optimum visibility.

Stacker trucks to suit your requirements

Stacker trucks are ideal for transporting pallets quickly and safely from A to B, but can also lift loads up to raised platforms. We offer the perfect solution for any transport distance or lift height. We are also happy to advise you regarding financing options for your electric stacker trucks.

Stacker trucks: From sprinters to endurance specialists

Choosing the right pallet truck for your needs depends, among other things, on the distance to be covered. Do you only cover short distances in your warehouse? In this case, our electric stacker trucks are ideal for flexible transport in pure pedestrian mode. Alternatively our solutions with stand-on platforms and optimised suspension ensure maximum comfort and ergonomic travel, even on uneven floors.

For medium distances, you should opt for electro-hydraulic stackers with combined pedestrian/ride-on operation, while long distances are ideally covered with our electric sideways-seated stackers in ride-on mode.

Stackers in all sizes

As well as length, the width of your warehouse aisles is just as important when it comes to choosing the right stacker for your needs. If your operation is dominated by block stacking and narrow aisles, you should use stacker trucks with a compact width. Alternatively, over long distances and in wide aisles you can offer your employees additional comfort by opting for wider trucks.

Different stacker trucks for different heights

With capacities between one and three tons, our stacker trucks will transport all your goods safely to their intended destination – be it at floor level or at lofty heights. With our electric high-lift pallet trucks, you can easily reach heights between 1600 and 3000 millimetres. Your employees can also use them as work tables, positioned at an optimum, ergonomic reach height. If you require additional height – up to 5350 millimetres for example – you will be better served by one of our pedestrian stackers.

Double-deck pedestrian stackers

Pallet truck and stacker truck in one: Our double-deck pedestrian stackers can transport two Euro pallets simultaneously with a total capacity of up to two tons. Compared with conventional trucks, our electric pedestrian stackers can complete your internal transport tasks at double the speed. This greatly increases the overall efficiency of your warehouse.

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