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Stage Case Study Leo Madeiras
When challenges become chances.

Boosting performance at Leo Madeiras with a brand-new lithium-ion fleet.

Leo Madeiras is the largest inputs distributor for woodwork and furniture in South America with more than 80 stores and a distribution warehouse in Brazil. To shift 450 tons per day it needs a powerful fleet – so we delivered custom-made trucks with Jungheinrich li-ion technology.


  • Manage the conversion from IC engine-powered forklifts to Jungheinrich electric forklifts.
  • Reduce the noise impact in the residential warehouse area in compliance with local legislation.
  • Deliver tailored order pickers to improve efficiency and minimise the risk of damaged goods.
  • Agile maintenance service to avoid downtimes in case of emergencies or machine failures.


  • New fleet introduced based on li-ion technology for highly efficient 24/7 operation.
  • Jungheinrich complete system provided consisting of truck, battery and charger.
  • Customised trucks delivered to precisely meet the specifics of the warehouse and guarantee safe transport of loads.
  • Efficient After-Sales-Service for easy maintenance and quick technical support via Online Tool.


  • Increased productivity thanks to highly efficient Jungheinrich li-Ion trucks.
  • High-performance, fast charging times and zero maintenance.
  • Problem-free deployment at all times and the possibility of 24/7 shift operation due to reduced noise.
  • Fewer CO2 emissions, energy savings and a perceptible cost-reduction thanks to Jungheinrich li-ion technology.

Main project success in a nutshell:

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