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Static pallet storage

Pallets and lattice boxes can be stored in different ways, depending on the space availability at your premises. Static storage is an option if you only need to move your goods for stacking, retrieval or stock transfer.

Our single-bay racking, specially for lattice boxes guarantees optimal use of space. Our multi-bay racking provides you with direct access to all your items with free allocation of storage space.  It is possible to store several pallets between two racking uprights on each level. The pallet racks are available as standard, for servicing by reach trucks and order pickers at heights of eight to ten metres. They can also be extended to high-bay racks of up to twelve metres, with fully automated operation even up to 40 metres. Multi-bay racking for narrow aisles boasts extremely high lift heights and is characterised by a low space requirement for aisles.

High-bay racking saves space

Our special high-bay silos enable you to save on the construction of warehouses and buildings. With fully automated control, they can reach heights of up to 40 metres. The roof and walls of the warehouse are directly attached to the racking.

Pallet racking systems for FIFO and LIFO

If you run your warehousing system for pallets in accordance with the first-in-first-out (FIFO) method, drive-through racking or drive-in/drive-through racking may be the solution. Or perhaps you use the last-in-first-out method (LIFO). If this is the case, we have push-back racking with racking uprights connected together – pallet racking systems with a tilt of three to five percent.

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