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JH PowerliNE series

Lithium-ion trucks

Shaping the standard: POWERLiNE

Over ten years ago Jungheinrich ushered in a new age of industrial trucks when it introduced the intralogistics industry’s first series-production vehicle with a lithium-ion battery.

Get ready to take your warehouse to an entirely new level of efficiency with POWERLiNE’s integrated lithium-ion battery. Jungheinrich has once again set the highest industry standards in agility, comfort, safety, and above all sustainability, all of which will significantly increase your company’s productivity.

Welcome to a new era of Li-ion vehicles for the intralogistics industry.

Benefits of POWERLiNE industrial vehicles

Picture Lithium-Ionen Vorteilsbox 1

Maximum agility 

The new standard in performance

Our POWERLiNE vehicles work wonders and will provide your warehouse with a massive performance boost. The compact size of the integrated lithium-ion battery improves manoeuvrability in narrow aisles and handling of merchandise in tight spaces. With outstanding acceleration and lifting speed that can achieve a 4% increase in surface area productivity and an up to 30 centimetre shorter length, the vehicles set new standards in handling, performance and throughput.

  • Increased acceleration and lifting speed
  • Up to 30 centimetres shorter length
  • 4 % increase in surface area productivity
  • Move up to 20 % more pallets per hour than average

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A good feeling that goes with you

The new standard in safety

When developing and refining our vehicles, we attach the utmost priority to warehouse safety and the well-being of your employees. In addition to the high steel outer walls and a wide range of other safety features that offer maximum protection, our POWERLiNE vehicles also reduce basic risks through regular replacement of expired batteries. The significant reduction of accidents, breakdowns, repair and retrofitting costs is in your best interest as well as that of your employees. 

  • Highest standards in safety
  • High steel outer walls for significantly more driver protection
  • Fewer accidents and breakdowns
  • Reduction of damage to transported goods and equipment

Picture Lithium-Ionen Vorteilsbox 3

Recognising and using alternatives

The new standard in sustainability

Climate protection is one of the most crucial challenges of our time, and our lithium-ion powered vehicles offer many advantages over lead-acid alternatives. Not only can you save 20 % in energy use, lowering your costs on a daily basis, but you can also reduce your CO2 footprint. We strive to continuously reduce energy consumption throughout the entire manufacturing process and primarily use energy from sustainable sources, such as our own photovoltaic systems. Our efforts help to ensure that POWERLiNE vehicles leave a CO2-neutral footprint right through to the time of delivery from the factory.

  • CO2-neutral footprint up to the point of delivery
  • Manufacturing with energy from sustainable energy sources  
  • Continuous improvement to reduce energy consumption during production
  • 20 % less daily energy consumption as compared to lead-acid alternatives

Picture Lithion-Ionen Vorteil 4

More room to work

The new standard in comfort

We’ve got almost 70 years of experience as an intralogistics company and we know what employees have to accomplish on a daily basis. To help relieve your drivers, we give our utmost to make our equipment as comfortable as possible. After all, increased comfort not only increases productivity, it also significantly reduces the number of absences due to illness. Our POWERLiNE vehicles provide an ergonomically designed workplace with padded equipment, maximum freedom of movement and supreme operating comfort. 

  • Ergonomic driver cell
  • Padded equipment
  • Increased legroom
  • Supreme operating comfort

POWERLiNE: the new standard for your company

Discover our innovative vehicles with integrated Li-ion battery and take the leap towards a successful future today.

Lithium-ion vehicles from Jungheinrich

Discover our extensive range of lithium-ion vehicles today and find the Li-ion vehicle that suits you perfectly.

Discover lithium-ion technology from Jungheinrich!

Together we can make your warehouse fit for tomorrow today.

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