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Lithium-ion pallet trucks / stackers

Upgrade your business in terms of efficiency, comfort, safety and sustainability.

Jungheinrich 24 V Lithium-ion pallet trucks and order pickers are not only the future of a successful business – they are also the present. Right here, right now and at your service. From a more efficient workflow thanks to a revolutionary charging system with easy handling, to the huge ecological benefits, Lithium-ion technology is the only logic choice for improving your business. 

Switch from lead-acid to lithium-ion battery easily:

Picture 24V Do not just buy

Know all your options in advance.

Proud members of the Lithium-ion family: our truck range.

Pallet trucks, pallet stackers, low level order pickers – it’s all there and it’s all electronic. Some of them are the first of their kind worldwide (with a permanently installed Li-Ion battery). Some break records (with the highest picking performance) and some of them even won a design award. Simply choose from over 30 products to find what works best for your business.

Lithium-ion order pickers and pallet trucks

Lithium-ion pallet stackers

More Lithium-ion pallet stackers

Switch to lithium-ion pallet trucks and stackers and benefit from our li-ion power.

Our lithium-ion pallet trucks actively support you in your everyday operations and warehouse tasks, such as loading, storing and transporting goods over short, medium and long distances for low-level applications. Our lithium-ion stackers are suitable for stacking and transferring pallets as well as for occasional order picking – at any lift height and over any transport distance.

In addition to the electric drive, you can also rely on the benefits of lithium-ion batteries! Benefit from long operating times in multi-shift operation thanks to the fast and boost charging of the batteries. This will ensure 24/7 availability of your trucks. Energy consumption can also be reduced by up to 20 percent. The completely maintenance-free lithium-ion batteries eliminate maintenance efforts and costs.

Save time and money by familiarising yourself with our portfolio of lithium-ion pallet trucks and lithium-ion stackers.


Get fast answers and solutions instead: If you have any more questions about our Li-Ion
products, buying and renting possibilities or your current Li-Ion fleet, don’t hesitate to contact or give us a call. Our Jungheinrich energy experts are looking forward to getting you started in the way that suits you best.

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