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SEA Regale & Lager Stage

The perfect rack system for your warehouse.

As a leading intralogistics system provider, Jungheinrich develops custom-fit warehouse racking solutions for all types of stored goods. In addition to warehouse racking, this also includes industrial trucks, stacker cranes & warehouse software. This ensures a perfectly coordinated warehouse system.

SEA Schmalganglager

Narrow-aisle warehouses

Narrow-aisle warehouses are ideal for efficiently storing palletised items in large quantities and on a small footprint. They combine narrow aisle widths with the advantage of extreme lift heights. This enables high levels of throughput with a small footprint in the warehouse.

SEA Hochregallager Stage

High-bay warehouses

Do you wish to use your warehouse up to the roof as effectively as possible to store goods, not wasting a single metre in height? High-bay warehouses are the right choice in this case. They can also be designed as high-bay racking with shelves.

SEA Automatisierte Lagersysteme Stage

Automated storage systems

With semi-automated or fully automated small parts or pallet warehouses, you are well positioned for the future. It's all about the perfect interplay of racking, controllers and software components to maximise performance and efficiency in your warehouse. Jungheinrich offers you storage systems from a single source that are precisely tailored to your needs.

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