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Drive-through storage

  • Optimum use of space with dynamic block storage
  • Greater efficiency: Separation of loading and removal
  • Shorter internal transport distances
  • Time saved through goods replenishing automatically
  • Monitoring of best-before dates and production series

Drive-through storage

Our dynamic solutions are ideal when palleted goods need to be stacked and retrieved as quickly as possible. Drive-through racking is recommended when you operate using the FiFo method and want to move a large number of identical pallets. With this system, the stacked goods move forward automatically to the retrieval point. This goods-to-person method saves on unnecessary travel and the benefit is that the goods do not age. This makes drive-through racking ideal for transporting perishable goods with a short best-before date. The structure of the drive-through racking comprises racking uprights connected together to form a channel. One side is used for storing; the other side for retrieval. When a pallet is retrieved, the next one automatically moves along the slightly inclined roller conveyor. Brake rollers control the speed and an automatic separator makes sure that products don't get jammed.


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