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Order picking platforms

  • More efficient use of room height through multiple levels
  • Order picking at multiple levels for greater performance
  • Short picking routes boost productivity
  • Easy to assemble
  • Maximum flexibility in throughput performance thanks to variable personnel deployment

Order picking platforms

If you need to store lots of small parts, the warehouse space available is often insufficient. A modular racking floor system is recommended for this situation. It helps you make optimum use of the hall height and allows your employees to pick at multiple levels simultaneously. This increases your throughput. The multi-level system and the ability to pick at the upper levels saves you from having to use medium/high level order pickers. The steps make it easy to switch between levels. Hand pallet trucks and electric pallet trucks can be used to assist, and also forklift trucks for retrieving or removing palleted goods. The system has an extensive range of expansion and customisation options so that modular racking floor systems can be tailored to your industry, your site conditions and your performance requirements.


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