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Drive-through storage

  • High warehouse density with low space requirement
  • Time saved through goods replenishing automatically
  • Separate loading and removal for an undisrupted material flow
  • Versatile application and flexible expansion capability
  • Easy and inexpensive to install

Drive-through storage

Drive-through racking is often used to increase efficiency when order picking small parts and packages. When using this system, your items are transported directly to the picking station using a roller system on a sloping level. This saves both time and travel distance. Because loading and removal are separate, items can be replenished without disruption. As a drive-through frame, this solution is suitable for installation in our versatile standard pallet racking. Drive-through racking is popular in the groceries sector, where strict compliance with a sequence focusing on best-before dates plays an important role (FiFo). It is also often the first choice in the mail order business, the automotive industry and in cold stores. The system is extremely flexible in both structure and operation. With operation possible by hand or by order picker, it is possible to implement multi-level systems to make full use of a room's height.


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