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Diesel Forklifts

Powerful diesel forklift trucks for tough applications.

Whether it’s logistics, cargo handling or heavy industry – all these areas require reliable vehicles for transporting goods and products. With powerful diesel forklifts by Jungheinrich, you need look no further. Thanks to their load capacity of between 1.6 and 5 tonnes, the vehicles smoothly handle the transportation of loads under the most difficult conditions. However, this does not make them “fuel guzzlers”. Efficiency is a top priority at Jungheinrich.

These durable vehicles are primarily designed for outdoor use: diesel forklifts perform excellent work even in harsh conditions, such as extremely dusty, uneven or damp workplaces. Internal combustion forklifts, also known as IC trucks or IC forklifts, are among the most efficient and durable, thanks to their sturdy vehicle chassis. So it’s hardly surprising that diesel forklifts are used wherever the situation requires a tough and powerful solution: in the automotive and metal industry, in the recycling sector, on construction sites, at airports and harbors, for cargo handling in the construction industry, in wholesale business, at DIY stores and garden centres and for transporting production goods in outdoor warehouses.

Diesel forklifts by Jungheinrich are both robust and reliable and are suitable for all types of industries including freight/transport, outdoor industries and other heavy industries. Diesel forklifts are available with either a hydrodynamic or hydrostatic drive and with load capacities ranging from 1600kg to 5,000kg.  Jungheinrich diesel forklifts provide smooth transportation of goods on the most difficult terrains. Even with this level of performance, our diesel forklifts feature highly efficient fuel consumption, making them the perfect diesel forklift for both performance and efficiency.

These durable forklifts are primarily designed for outdoor use since they perform to the highest standards no matter what the conditions are like, even in highly dusty environments, on uneven terrain or in damp operations.  The internal combustion forklifts, also known as IC trucks or IC forklifts, are among the most efficient and durable diesel forklifts thanks to their sturdy vehicle chassis. So it’s no surprise that diesel trucks are used for situations that require a tough and powerful forklift: in the automotive and metal industries, at recycling plants, on construction sites and for any other outdoor application.

Diesel forklifts – higher efficiency, lower consumption.

With diesel forklifts, it’s all about the engine – and our diesel forklift trucks give you powerful performance. They are equipped with industrial engines based on the latest standards, such as the reliable and robust Kubota engine. These engines also enable a high torque at low speeds, ensuring reliable lifting force and acceleration as well as low fuel consumption, even when transporting heavy loads. That means our diesel forklifts deliver top performance and efficiency even with low consumption and emission values.

Thanks to diesel particle filters and diesel oxidation catalysts, the emissions comply with level 5 of the emissions standard. Nevertheless, they are classified as hazardous to health due to the combustion process. Since emissions can accumulate in high concentrations within closed buildings, specific conditions are required for the use of diesel forklifts in indoor areas. For example, sufficient ventilation should be ensured on the premises. Diesel forklift trucks by Jungheinrich are fitted with particularly low-emission engines ex-factory. With additional equipment to provide special soot particle filters, the vehicles can also be used indoors for short periods.

FAQs for our diesel forklifts:

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Diesel forklifts with hydrostatic drive – for reversing operation.

Diesel forklifts with a hydrostatic drive provide the best driving dynamics and have infinitely adjustable power transmission. The fast acceleration, responsive brakes and accurate steering make the hydrostatic diesel forklift an efficient piece of equipment for reversing. With five working and driving programmes, the hydrostatic drive can also be adjusted depending on different operating conditions. These diesel forklifts are particularly low-maintenance since our hydrostatic drive works with just a few mechanical components. An example of this is the oil-immersed multi-disc parking brakes, which are installed as a low-maintenance closed system. Hydraulic oil filtering ensures a longer service life for all diesel forklift components . A design with a hydrodynamic drive is available for diesel forklifts deployed on longer routes.

While a forklift with a hydrostatic drive is perfect for reversing operation, the diesel forklift with a hydrodynamic drive works at maximum power, making it ideal for cargo transportation on medium and longer routes. The engine’s torque converter enables smooth start-up and optimum efficiency at medium to high speeds.

Diesel forklifts for sale or hire.

A diesel forklift can be designed to perfectly suit your usage requirements. If you would like to know more about how you can configure the ideal diesel forklift for your individual application, our experts are on hand to help you create your bespoke diesel forklift design. Our specialist advisers will talk you through the diesel forklifts available to you and suggest suitable drive features depending on your particular application needs. In the Jungheinrich PROFISHOP, you can buy transport containers or pallets for your forklifts to complete your intralogistics range.

Once you have found the optimum equipment, we can also advise you on financing for your diesel forklift. It may be worth considering leasing or hire purchase if applicable. In cases where you have to satisfy short-term peaks in orders, temporary usage may be the answer. Our rental forklift consultants will be happy to explain the options in detail.

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