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Electric Forklifts

Powerful electric forklifts by Jungheinrich.

People and machines must work as one for effective transport and handling in production and storage facilities. Our electric forklifts step in where human muscle power leaves off: they can reach up to 7.5 metres and lift loads of up to 5,000kg, carrying them safely – even over long distances.

Our electric counterbalance forklifts deliver maximum efficiency with minimum energy consumption. Agile electric forklifts deliver top performance with the latest three-phase motors and our mature PureEnergy concept. This technology coordinates all forklift truck components, achieving optimum efficiency automatically. Efficiency meets economy in an electric forklift.

Electric forklifts by Jungheinrich – efficiency in minimal space.

The compact, agile design of our electric forklifts makes the job easy, even in challenging spaces. The rear duplex wheel and turntable steering allow forklifts to turn up to 180 degrees on the spot, providing supreme agility. Handling and steering are best on level substrates.

Our electric forklift trucks are ideal for working in a wide range of situations. Our ultra-flexible, agile electric counterbalance forklifts are reliable partners for foodstuff and beverage warehouses, multi-shift automobile operations, palette transport in logistics and dispatch warehouses as well as loading and unloading containers, wagons and HGVs.

Made with ergonomics in mind.

Our electric counterbalance trucks are all about ergonomics. The panorama mast gives everyone good all-round visibility – indoors and outdoors. Manoeuvring isn’t just quick, easy and precise – it’s truly safe as well. The truck also adapts to your physical requirements. The individual configuration and adjustment options and spacious cab give you complete freedom of movement and an ergonomic workspace.

3- and 4-wheel electric counterbalance forklifts for unmatched agility.

Jungheinrich offers both 3-wheel electric forklifts and 4-wheel electric forklifts. The rear axle works as a steering axle in both, offering great manoeuvrability. The question of whether the 3- wheel electric forklift truck or its 4-wheel counterpart is more suitable depends on where you use your electric counterbalance forklifts and the load capacity that you require.

If the electric forklift truck is mainly used in confined spaces or for loading and unloading HGVs and containers on level substrates, then the super-agile 3-wheel forklift with its excellent manoeuvrability is for you. The wheels can easily be turned at a 90° angle, which allows the electric forklift trucks to turn on the spot. This means that 3-wheel Jungheinrich electric counterbalance forklifts can manage loads of up to 2,000kg and lifting heights of up to 6.5 metres even in the most confined spaces.

But if you want to use your electric forklift trucks for working in the pallet warehouse, on uneven terrain or bigger loads, 4-wheel electric forklift trucks are ideal. Although they have a bigger turning circle, they are much more stable on bends, moving loads of up to 5,000kg up to 7.5 metres.

The new EFG B Series

Agile, stable and compact

  • Suitable for one-shift operation, up to two shifts
  • Small turning radius
  • Affordable price

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With our agile electric forklift trucks, you can maximise your throughput in narrow-aisle warehouses. With 3-phase AC motors, Jungheinrich's electric forklifts combine impressive performance with minimal energy consumption. In addition, you also have the choice between our cutting edge Li-ion technology and tried-and-tested lead-acid batteries.

Our electric forklift trucks shine in warehouses that have limited room to manoeuvre. Thanks to their small and compact design, they easily navigate the narrowest of aisles. Our forklifts are ideally suited to level indoor floors, but can also handle a wide variety of outdoor applications, giving you added flexibility when you need it. As a further benefit, the masts of our electric forklift trucks are perfect for both racking and stacking, reaching lift heights ranging from 2.3 to 7.5 meters with a lift capacity of up to five tons. In daily use, your drivers will enjoy numerous benefits offered by our electric forklifts, including enhanced seat comfort, a perfect all-round view and comprehensive safety assistance systems to protect the operator, the load and your warehouse.

Jungheinrich EFG M Series

For when efficiency, reliability, agility, power are paramount.

State-of-the-art and immediately ready for use: Jungheinrich forklift rental provides the flexibility that you and your customers demand.

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JUNGSTARS are used forklift trucks made by Jungheinrich that rank among the market’s best. Our high-end refurbishment with the five-star principle guarantees: Every vehicle is restored to perfect condition technically and visually with the highest standards of safety and sustainability.

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Lithium-ion – Your competitive edge.

Forklift efficiency up. Costs down.

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100 % satisfaction. Guaranteed.

We are convinced this decision is right for you. That‘s why we guarantee that you can easily and quickly switch back to the original technology at any time within the first 6 months – without stating reasons. 100 % satisfaction. Guaranteed.

Li-Ionen Garantie Neu
5 years carefree. Guaranteed.

With the Jungheinrich Li-ion Guarantee Plus, we give you a long-term performance promise of up to 5 years on our high-quality lithium-ion batteries, so you can completely concentrate on your tasks without worrying.

Energy efficiency made by Jungheinrich: The EFG with li-ion technology.

At Jungheinrich, we lead from the front, with our combination of cutting edge efficient li-ion technology and
our impressively designed EFG forklifts. As the only complete intralogistics service provider, Jungheinrich develops and produces it's batteries and charging systems in-house. In doing so, we make sure that the battery communicates perfectly with the truck as well as with the charger. This optimal connection between every component ensures a long life and low costs for your electric forklifts with li-ion technology.

Make the change today and profit from the full power of our EFGs with li-ion technology! Choose the buy or rent option and secure innovative and highly efficient li-ion technology for your business.

As the leading intralogistics experts with the largest LI-ION forklift presentation fleet, you are very welcome to come and put the advantages of our li-ion technology to the test.

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Switching has never been easier.

Switch now to our lithium-ion technology and benefit from our attractive purchasing or rental offers with switching bonus:

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Electric forklift trucks – agile and powerful

With our agile electric forklift trucks, you can maximise your throughput performance in narrow-aisle warehouses. 3-phase AC motors combine impressive performance with minimal consumption. You also have the choice between innovative Lithium-ion technology or tried-and-tested lead-acid batteries.

Our agile electric forklift trucks shine in warehouses offering little room to manoeuvre. Thanks to their small and compact design, these trucks can easily navigate even the narrowest of aisles. The trucks are most at home on level indoor floors, but can also handle outdoor applications with ease. As a further benefit, the mast of the electric forklift trucks is ideal for both racking and stacking and can reach lift heights ranging from 2300 to 7500 millimetres. The capacity of the trucks is up to five tons. In daily use, your drivers will enjoy the many benefits offered by our electric forklifts, including extra seat comfort, a perfect all-round view and comprehensive assistance systems to protect the operator, load and warehouse.

Electric forklift trucks with energy-efficient three-phase technology and PureEnergy concept.

Our electric forklift trucks are exceptionally economical, as they function with progressive low-maintenance three-phase lift and drive technology. This gives electric forklifts dynamic handling and maximum performance – even under heavy loads. The compact controller and hydraulic power unit work with the PureEnergy concept to deliver optimum efficiency, enabling high performance even at low torque. Electric forklift trucks are also highly energy-efficient: regenerative braking feeds 30 per cent of the energy back into the battery. Our electric counterbalance forklifts use the extra energy to do even more with one load.

Electric forklift trucks with two powerful battery concepts.

Choosing the right battery for your electric forklift truck depends on your unique requirements. Our pioneering lithium-ion technology offers rapid charging times and requires virtually zero maintenance. In addition, Jungheinrich’s lithium-ion batteries last up to three times longer than conventional batteries. If you already operate one of our electric forklift trucks, it can be easily upgraded to benefit from lithium-ion power.

Our tried-and-tested lead-acid batteries, on the other hand, are all about stamina. With these batteries, you benefit from our 2Shifts1Charge guarantee, which is unrivalled in the logistics sector. Our electric counterbalance trucks can complete two consecutive shifts without the need for battery replacement or top-up charging. This saves you time and energy and reduces running costs.

Buy or lease electric forklift trucks.

Once you decide to buy an efficient electric forklift for your business, you can contact our consultants through a product enquiry. The experts on our sales team will help you find the perfect electric counterbalance forklift with the technology and ergonomics that meet your requirements. We can also advise you on suitable features for your e-forklift. And the right electric forklift accessories, such as stable palettes and transport containers, are easy to order online from the Jungheinrich PROFISHOP.

But Jungheinrich isn’t just there to help you choose the right electric forklift. We’ll also assist you with financing. Whether it’s leasing or hire purchase – we’ll suggest the right options. We also offer rental solutions for temporary use. Customers who have to handle short-term order peaks really appreciate this option. Find out all you need to know about temporary use and how to hire electric forklifts from Jungheinrich in our rental truck section. 

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