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Stage AMW 22_22p

Hand pallet truck 2.2t

  • 122 mm
  • 2,200 kg
  • Energy and time-saving fast lift up to 120 kg.
  • Precise weight recording even with inclines up to 2°.
  • Maximum 0.1% deviation from the measuring range.
  • Automatic and manual zero adjustment.
  • Electronics and display protected against dust and moisture (IP 65 protection rating).

AMW 22/ 22p

Our efficient and precise AMW 22/22p hand pallet trucks have integrated weighing systems for tasks in warehousing, production and shipping. Their high capacity makes them the perfect assistant for moving and weighing goods on one truck. The four evenly positioned weighing cells ensure that the weighing system is extremely accurate with deviations of no more than 0.1%. In addition to the versatile AMW 22 basic version with fast lift, the AMW 22p – p as in professional – excels with an even more accurate multi-range display and a battery exchange module for maximum availability. Maximum stability is guaranteed by the proven fork design, while the easy-to-operate controls ensure efficient handling. The reliability of the electronics and display is significantly increased by dust and water protection.


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