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Stage AMX I15_I15p_I15e_I15ep

Hand pallet truck 1.5t

  • 710 mm
  • 1,500 kg
  • Completely corrosion, salt, and acid-resistant
  • Available with manual or electronic hydraulic system
  • Protected hydraulics prevents ingress of water
  • Easy to clean construction
  • Food grade lubricants (class H1/H2)

AMX I15/ I15p/ I15e/ I15ep

Our versatile scissor lift hand pallet trucks AMX I17/I15e in the stainless steel version are the ideal vehicles for all applications in aggressive environments with highest hygiene requirements. The inox steel used for these models is extremely corrosion resistant against humidity, acids and salts, therefore the trucks are a perfect fit in the food industry as well as the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. When these models were designed, the possibility to clean them quickly was of utmost importance. You will not find any hard to reach niches or hollow spaces. To guarantee food safety all used lubricants are food grade. The closed fork tips offer additional protection against slashes form the tyres. Naturally, this series also offers the flexibility of our scissor lift hand pallet trucks: as hand pallet truck, lift table or work bench.


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