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Forklift trucks

The forklift for every eventuality.

Our forklifts have proven themselves to be efficient all-rounders, deployable in virtually any warehouse environment.

Looking for a forklift that combines powerful performance with a high level of cost-effectiveness? Then look no further, because all of Jungheinrich’s counterbalance forklifts promise both in abundance. They’re extremely manoeuvrable and transport your goods with the utmost reliability, both indoors and outdoors.

This is why our versatile forklifts are used across many industries: logistics and freight handling, storage systems of all kinds, food and beverage production, the construction, heavy and metal industries as well as the woodworking and chemical industry.

Forklift trucks with a high level of stability and strength.

All of our forklift trucks have a front-mounted mast with a lifting frame and (depending on the lifting heights that can be reached) several lifting masts. Using hydraulic cylinders, which employ the mechanical power of the forklift motor, loads can be lifted or lowered continuously and in finely tuned movements. With forklift trucks, the mast is tilted forwards or backwards using a hydraulic tilt cylinder. In this way, the load’s centre of gravity can be shifted closer to the centre of gravity of the forklift truck. This is why they are also known as counterbalance forklifts.

In contrast to reach trucks, which transport loads between the front and rear axles of the truck via forwards and backwards thrust, the load‘s centre of gravity on the forklift is at the front of the vehicle, despite the tilt cylinder. In order to compensate for the load’s centre of gravity being mounted on one side, counterbalance forklifts operate according to the counterweight principle. This means that a sufficiently large counterweight must balance out the load that has been picked up.

In the case of electric forklifts, the heavy batteries are tasked with this job, while diesel and LPG forklifts require the attachment of extra weighted elements. The front axle of forklift trucks, which are often referred to as counterbalance forklift trucks, serves as a tilting axle between the weight of the forklift and the goods to be transported. In this way, counterbalance forklift trucks can easily lift loads of up to 5 tons and transport them safely.

Forklifts – electric or combustion engine.

We offer both electric forklifts and forklifts with a combustion engine. You can select the type that is suitable for you depending on the individual requirements of your warehouse. For example, for logistics and shipping companies with narrow storage areas or for tool warehouses at manufacturing companies,, the compact design of our electric forklifts will help you achieve the best performance. Vehicles that use three-phase AC technology excel in terms of driving characteristics, handling performance and maintenance costs.

Our PureEnergy technology concept enables us to deliver particularly high energy efficiency, and it features a comprehensive package of optimisation measures to ensure that your electric forklift will have minimal consumption even while providing continuous top performance. We achieve outstanding energy balance with innovations like the most advanced generation of three-phase AC technology, which provides optimum coordination between the motor and the control system.

Additional features of the PureEnergy concept include very short electrical lines thanks to their arrangement close to the consumer and a reduced number of hose lines thanks to a direct connection to the hydraulic block (compact hydraulics).

With our diesel and LPG forklift trucks, you can rely on robust and reliable power packs for outdoor use. They are the method of choice for transporting enormous loads over long distances and long hours. They offer a load capacity of up to 5 tons, which ensures maximum efficiency. This makes forklift trucks with internal combustion engines popular vehicles for gardening or vegetable growing businesses, for the building materials trade, the beverage industry and for transporting containers in port logistics.

Although the forklifts feature extremely quiet and ergonomic operation even with a high power output, they are rarely considered for indoor use due to their pollutant emissions. However, if your warehouses have sufficient ventilation and safety measures in place, diesel and LPG forklift trucks can also be used indoors. In addition, the installed soot particle filters ensure safe working.


Our electric forklifts are particularly suited for indoor use. They are extremely manoeuvrable and energy efficient with up to 20 per cent less energy consumption.


Diesel-powered forklifts stand out with their powerful engines. These low-noise forklift trucks work best outdoors and can easily handle uneven surfaces.


There are two LPG forklift truck drive versions: hydrodynamic drives and hydrostatic drives. They can be used indoors due to lower pollutant emissions.

FAQs about our forklift trucks:

Buy or rent a forklift – Jungheinrich forklift sales.

If your vehicle fleet is still missing a high-performing forklift that can reliably carry out a variety of warehouse tasks, then there’s no reason to worry. You can contact our specialist consultants by filling out a product enquiry form. They will be happy to support you in selecting the right forklifts. 

If you don’t want to buy a forklift outright and would like to find out more about the rental and used options available, our Jungheinrich rental and used consultants are here for you. Together, we will determine whether purchasing a brand new forklift, buying a used forklift or renting one is the best option for you.

We’re also happy to talk about short-term rental solutions: If you have to cope with peaks in demand or increase handling performance in seasonal business, we offer rental trucks for temporary use (starting from 1 day rental).

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