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Sustainability at Jungheinrich

As an intralogistics company operating on a global scale, we bear a large responsibility – socially, environmentally and economically. Our understanding of sustainability is the foundation for everything we do, successfully balancing profitable growth with social and environmental concerns.

  • We commit to the 1.5° target
  • We are drivers of sustainable intralogistics
  • We are committed to the UN SDGs

How we continuously improve our sustainability record

less energy consumption for lithium-ion trucks in daily use – an important milestone on the way to your carbon-neutral footprint.

20 %

How you can benefit from our commitment

  • Sustainable logistics processes thanks to intelligent automation solutions
  • Innovative and durable products, manufactured with efficient use of resources
  • Minimised consumption of raw materials through the refurbishment of used trucks
  • Expert advice on energy management
  • Comprehensive solutions for increasing efficiency in your warehouse

Sustainable products and services

A shortage of skilled workers and resources, combined with rising energy prices… we help you to overcome your logistical challenges with energy-efficient products and solutions.

A comprehensive understanding of sustainability

We are proud of these achievements

Jungheinrich as a driver for sustainable intralogistics:

  • Almost 70 years of expertise in electromobility

  • More than 1 million electric trucks in use

  • More than 10 years of expertise in the field of lithium-ion technology

  • Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) with less than 2 years' amortisation time

  • Powertrain Solutions for electrification of the agricultural and construction machinery sector

Our sustainability strategy

Why is our commitment to sustainability so important?

Sustainability Grafik

Because of the increasingly significant part that intralogistics has to play

The global population is currently 7.84 billion. By 2050, it could be as much as 9.7 billion. An estimated 80 % will live in megacities and metropolitan areas. With the rapid increase in shipping volumes and goods traffic, the demands on intralogistics are also constantly growing.

Portrait Nico Rosberg
Nico Rosberg

“Jungheinrich and I have a common goal to make the world more sustainable through e-mobility and smart technologies.”

Our definition of CO2-neutral

Sustainability projects from around the world

Note on the definition of the term CO2 used here: This includes all greenhouse gases that are converted accordingly as equivalents to CO2.

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