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Tegola Canadese
Earthquake-proof concept for Tegola Canadese.

Compact storage strategy for space optimisation.

Reliable solutions and short delivery times: These core promises make Tegola Canadese one of the leading manufacturers of roof systems in around 60 countries. An efficient, earthquake-proof mobile racking storage system from Jungheinrich ensures the company is fit for the future.


  • Integrated intralogistics solution from raw material storage to delivery of the end product.
  • Increasing the storage capacity while optimising the material flow.
  • Highest safety standards for employees at the camp's earthquake-prone location.
  • No loss of productivity while implementing the new solution.


  • Space-saving compact storage with mobile racking on 45 movable bases.
  • Compliance with the strictest guidelines to ensure earthquake safety.
  • Ergonomically comfortable and safe fleet with 23 electric forklift trucks from series 4.  
  • 6,000 special loading units each holding 1,800 kg for increased storage capacity.
  • State-of-the-art system with WMS connection for maximum security and efficiency.

Customer benefits

  • Extensive system solution planned and implemented by Jungheinrich.
  • Optimised space utilisation thanks to a compact storage strategy.
  • Implementation of the system complying with the highest safety standards.
  • Commissioning of the new solution without impairing productivity. 

Luciano Mazzer
President of Tegola Canadese

“We have to be able to supply our customers quickly. Therefore we need an efficient storage system. 
Jungheinrich offered a fantastic technical solution".

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