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case study dhl bergen
DHL and Ricoh fulfil their lithium-ion wish.

Lithium-ion technology saves them time and money at their distribution centre.

DHL Supply Chain handles the logistics for Ricoh Europe Supply Chain. When Ricoh's European Service Parts Centre moved their operations to Bergen op Zoom, they decided to upgrade their fleet to lithium-ion technology. Efficient li-ion trucks from Jungheinrich were the ideal solution. 


  • Outdated, time-consuming and unsafe lead-acid battery trucks needed replacing.
  • Clean battery technology with fast recharging times desired.
  • Safe technology that eliminated dangerous battery changing methods needed.
  • Current battery changing room too far away: convenient fleet recharging areas close to work areas required.


  • New fleet with 13 lithium-ion trucks.
  • All trucks were equipped with their own fast charger.
  • Eliminated the need to physically change batteries.
  • Installed charging spaces closer to work areas.


  • No more time wasted with slow and dangerous battery changes: higher productivity outcomes.
  • Batteries are fully-charged during employee break times: eliminating peak load times.
  • Employees no longer involved in risky workplace practices.
  • Trucks no longer have to drive to and from charging rooms, increased operational availability.
  • Maintenance-free lithium-ion technology saves costs.

DHL in a nutshell:

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