5-Star Principle

Our 5-Star Principle

A JUNGSTAR leaving our Used Equipment Centre Dresden is certified in the truest sense of the word: It fulfills the high demands of our 5-star quality standards. 5 stars that determine every single step of our refurbishment process; 5 stars you can rely on.

Star 1: for safety

A JUNGSTAR leaving our refurbishment center fulfills the latest standards of appropriate safety regulations and EU edicts.

Star 2: for technology

Only when any technical component of a forklift truck is fully functionable, the machine is able to operate at full capacity. Therefore we go into detail while systematically refurbishing.

Star 3: for appearance

After thoroughly cleaning and repainting of the vehicles and their components even experts have problems to distinguish our JUNGSTARS from a brand-new forklift truck.

Star 4: for reliability

We are the only company in our industry to provide a full disassembly of the vehicle including exchange or refurbishment of every technical, mechanical and hydraulical component, thus saving you from drop outs and follow-up costs.

Star 5: for sustainability

Our refurbishment of used vehicles reduces consumption of resources and energy significantly. Compared to the production of a brand-new truck 80 per cent of CO2 is saved. Moreover, we guarantee a professional and environment-friendly disposal of operating fluids and vehicles that have done their time.



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