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Stage ERE 120n

Electric ride-on/pedestrian pallet truck 2000 kg

  • 122 mm
  • 2,000 kg
  • ShockProtect to protect operator, truck and load
  • Maintenance-free 3-phase AC motor gives high productivity
  • Compact design for flexible usage
  • ProTracLink suspension for high stability
  • Multiple shift operation due to lateral battery exchange (optional)

ERE 120n

You save valuable time when transporting goods with the ERE 120n: with a higher speed in ride-on mode compared with solely pedestrian operated trucks, goods can be cost-effectively transported over greater distances. The compact ERE 120n is especially designed for very confined spaces such as in HGVs. Just folding in the stand-on platform and side supports is enough for the ERE 120n to take the tightest corner. For intensive operation over long distances or on ramps, batteries with capacities up to 375 Ah are available. Where schedules require operation of more than one shift, the 375-Ah battery can be removed from the side (optional) in order to facilitate a faster battery exchange.


Model Overview

Model Load capacity Lift height Travel speed Overall length Battery voltage
ERE 120n 2,000 kg 122 mm 8.5 km/h 1,832 mm 24 V

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