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Stage ERC BB 216 APAC only
  • 2,830 - 5,430 mm
  • 1,600 kg
  • Electric tiller steering for fatigue-free operation
  • Proportional hydraulics for precise and gentle control
  • curveCONTROL for enhanced safety and great comfort
  • CAN bus technology makes fault diagnosis and troubleshooting easier

ERC BB 216

The efficient and versatile ERC BB 216 electric stacker is particularly well suited for economic indoor transport over longer distances, as well as for stacking and retrieval operations up to 5,500 mm. Equipped with a folding stand-on platform and support arm lift, it can be used very flexibly over long distances. The multifunctional tiller arm is intuitive to use and can be operated with the right or left hand. This contributes to greater efficiency and safety in your warehouse. The robust quality components are beneficial for reliable operation and lower wear and tear. Proportional hydraulics enable the operator to pick up loads accurately and safely. A variety of practical configurations greatly improve operational safety while increasing driving pleasure for the operator.


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