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Jungheinrich EFG M Series

High Performance Electric Forklifts

For when efficiency, reliability, agility, power are paramount.

The Jungheinrich EFG M series of electric forklifts, which has a capacity of up to 2,000kg, offers maximum manoeuvrability for fast operation in the most confined spaces, such as in containers. The front dual drive motor with enclosed designed ensures a universal suitability and optimal traction on gradients and slippery surfaces. 

Your Electric Forklifts benefits at a glance!

EFGM_SBE Change your battery easily and quickly

  • Vertical and side-battery exchange as standard 
  • For side-battery exchange, only a pallet mover is required. This gives maximum flexibility for 3-shift operations 
  • Outstanding economic efficiency as a result of low day-to-day operating costs and reduced maintenance requirements 

Best Efficiency_EFG M  Higher output, lower energy consumption

  • High output AC dual drive motors and hydraulic motor deliver outstanding driving and lifting performance
  • Jungheinrich unique electrical hydraulic system provides state-of-the-art fast, precise and smooth hydraulic controls
  • Maintenance-free 3-phase AC drive motor provides rapid acceleration and speed
  • New CAN-bus software technology: dual drive motor, hydraulic pump motor. High performance, low energy consumption and reduced maintenance
  • Integrated energy reclamation during braking

Increased Safety_EFG M High level of safety

  • Superior visibility for the operator. The mast with compact profile nesting, an optimised chain and hose guide ensures a significantly expanded field of vision of the operator
  • curveCONTROL automatically reduces travel speed when cornering for increased stability
  • High residual capacity
  • Safety feature in place to ensure that the operator has secured the battery correctly during side-battery exchange
  • Driving and hydraulic functions are deactivated when seat is unoccupied 

Exemplary ergonomics_EFG M  Exemplary ergonomics

  • Precise hydraulic power steering which requires minimal amount of effort without kickback
  • High-resolution TFT 2’’ display (4’’ as an option) provides up-to-date information on vital vehicle conditions at a glance
  • Comfortable seat and workstation design to create a comfortable and fatigue-free work environment for maximum operator's productivity 
  • easyACCESS that allows truck operation by authorized users via pin code or transponder card
  • Cold store option (to -28°C) and tropic work version (to 50°C )

The high-performance 3-wheeler forklift - EFG MB 216k/218k/220


  • Compact design for limited space.
  • Versatile truck that can be used in warehouse as a 3-in-1 truck in place of pallet truck and reach truck. 
  • Combine optimal energy and cost efficiency with maximum performance

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The reliable 4-wheeler forklift: EFG MC 316k/316/320


  • Stable and agile like no other
  • 4-wheel design provides lateral stability, especially when steering
  • Durable mast profile and outstanding mast manufacturing technology allows truck to enter the container with maximum 5,000mm lifting height (including full free lift height)
  • Higher output and performance and lower energy consumption and cost

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