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Jungheinrich unveils the new high-performing order picker and forklift to APAC Partners

Jungheinrich unveils the new high-performing order picker and forklift to Partners of Jungheinrich from over 10 countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

Singapore: Jungheinrich Partners from over 10 countries in the Asia-Pacific region attended the product training for the new high-performing medium/ high level order picker EKS 412s and electric forklift EFG M in Singapore.

"With lifting height of over 14 meters and possibility for lithium-ion technology, the new EKS 412s is a great combination of performance, energy efficiency and safety. The lifting speed of 0.5 metres per second makes the EKS 412s the fastest vertical order picker in the market. About 25% faster than before, the new EKS 412s is a very interesting product to our Partners from different countries in the APAC region," highlighted Mr. Raymond Chan, Regional Sales Manager (South-East Asia) of Jungheinrich Singapore who was at the training.

The Partners of Jungheinrich from several countries such as New Zealand, Taiwan, and Sri Lanka, were also introduced to the new Jungheinrich EFG M series. The newly designed electric forklift range from Jungheinrich has a capacity up to 2,000kg and offers maximum manoeuvrability even in very compact spaces. Changing the battery has never been easier with the possibility for both vertical and side-battery exchange. Designed to achieve maximum performance and lowest energy consumption, the new EFG M is an ideal solution for both indoor and outdoor operations.

The Partners of Jungheinrich were being trained by Jungheinrich-certified trainers – Mr. Seah Chee Kiong from Jungheinrich Singapore and Mr. Zhang Jie from Jungheinrich China. The training consisted of classroom as well as hands-on sessions.

“It’s awesome to have all the Partners of Jungheinrich from APAC attending this training together for 3 days. It gave us a good opportunity to exchange valuable sales pointers. Having hands-on experience operating and seeing the various components of the new EFG M, EKS 412s and lithium-ion technology really beat getting the information via a presentation on a computer screen,” commented Mr. Newman Chen from Power Handling Co., Ltd, the official Partner of Jungheinrich in Taiwan.

Other than new products, the Partners were also given updates on other areas of the Jungheinrich business – in particular after sales, lithium-ion technology, logistics systems such as racking and Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV), and refurbished trucks. With an encompassing view of the Jungheinrich products and services, the Partners would then be well-equipped to offer customers comprehensive support on Jungheinrich solutions.

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