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Lithium-Ionen-Power von Jungheinrich - Verteilerseite

Lithium-ion power

Switch to lithium-ion forklift trucks and benefit from our li-ion power.

Our Jungheinrich lithium-ion forklift trucks offer many advantages in comparison with conventional lead-acid batteries: the option for fast intermediate charging, e.g. during breaks or downtime, ensures the truck is available 24/7 and increases the flexibility of everyday warehouse operations. This guarantees long operating times with multi-shift operation. Moreover, they are completely maintenance-free and do not cause “gassing”. This means that no time or expenditure is wasted on maintenance, battery care or additional infrastructure. Lithium-ion batteries consume up to 20 percent less energy than conventional lead-acid batteries.

Our entire portfolio of forklift trucks is already “li-ionREADY”, i.e. all trucks can be equipped with a lithium-ion battery. We are also developing innovative trucks with integrated lithium-ion power, where the battery and truck technology are matched even more efficiently and effectively.

No other intralogistics brand in the world currently has more lithium-ion forklift trucks in operation than Jungheinrich.

Benefit from full lithium-ion power with our 6-month satisfaction guarantee and our up to 5-year warranty on your lithium-ion battery.


Li-ion power gives you the decisive advantage required to win.

Efficiency, long service life, maintenance-free

As a pioneer in li-ion technology we have been developing this technology intensively for almost ten years, to provide you with greater performance for your warehouse.

Switch to lithium-ion pallet trucks / stackers and benefit from our lithium-ion power.

Switch to li-ion forklifts and benefit from our lithium-ion power.

Switch to lithium-ion power! Optimising your processes will enable you to save on both time and operating costs.

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