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Supporting The Food Bank Singapore’s cause of tackling food wastage and insecurity with a pallet truck donation

Electric pallet truck type, EJE M15 with scale to optimise The Food Bank Singapore’s operations

The Food Bank Singapore, a non-profit that focuses on reducing food wastage and insecurity, has been looking for a pallet truck with an integrated weighing scale to assist their operations. Through understanding their requirements, Jungheinrich Singapore has donated an EJE M15, an electric pallet truck with scale to suit their business needs. 

The integrated scale reduces the amount of manual administrative work and time of checking each item’s weight, as now it can be coordinated within one device. This truck’s compact design and agility allowed ease of transporting goods to enable faster turnarounds.

We are delighted to hear some feedback on our truck from Jameson Chow, The Food Bank Singapore's operations manager: “This pallet truck truly serves our purpose as it is compact, easy to use and maneuver too.“

Once again, Jungheinrich Singapore is truly honoured to have this opportunity to provide support with the donation of a pallet truck.

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