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Jungheinrich fleet for BLG Logistics in Erfurt

57 electric counterbalance trucks for furniture distribution

Flexible application: agile EFG 216k

Reliable 24/7 service and support

Jungheinrich has delivered 57 electric counterbalance trucks to the BLG Logistics Group in Erfurt. The fleet consists mainly of compact EFG 216k three-wheel forklift trucks. Its double rear wheel allows the truck to make 180-degree turns on the spot and thus enables flexible operations in confined spaces. This makes the EFG 216k particularly suitable for use on ramps and for rapid loading and unloading of trucks. In addition, the truck can store and retrieve 1,600 kg loads at heights of up to seven metres. Jungheinrich Key Account Manager Gregor Ringwelsky explains: "The EFG 216k is exactly the right truck for the BLG distribution centre in Erfurt, which specialises in the furniture industry. We are very pleased that our yellow fleet will be in use here in future“.

Versatile all-rounder EFG 216k

The EFG 216k’s three-phase AC technology and the energy-efficient PureEnergy technology concept by Jungheinrich enable a particularly high degree of efficiency. The truck can work two entire shifts on one battery charge – regardless of the operating conditions. The height and tilt of the EFG 216k's steering column can be adjusted and the lever and axis assignment of the controls can also be customised, thus making the truck an ergonomic workplace with a high level of comfort during operation.

Reliable service via Call for Service app 

Jungheinrich provides BLG with a complete service package for its new forklift fleet. This includes the use of the "Call for Service App" with which Jungheinrich customer service can be reached directly from the mobile terminal and around the clock. This ensures a particularly high level of planning reliability and enhances the continuous operational readiness of the fleet. BLG saves a lot of time by using the app and can transparently view the current processing status at any time.

Successful collaboration

Jungheinrich and BLG Logistics are already working together successfully at other sites, as well. BLG's Geiselwind and Waiblingen sites were recently equipped with industrial trucks from Jungheinrich that use the renowned lithium-ion technology.

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