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Investing in the future with MINT support

Investing in the future with MINT support

The Dr. Friedrich Jungheinrich Foundation celebrates its 15th anniversary

The Dr. Friedrich Jungheinrich Foundation supports science, research and education in the fields of electrical and mechanical engineering, logistics and IT. Launched by the shareholder families of Jungheinrich AG, Lange and Wolf, and the Board of Management of the company, the leading provider of intralogistics, on 17 May 2004, the Foundation was created as a way to take social responsibility in the field of scientific talent promotion. 

The Foundation’s work is based on three pillars: providing direct funding for scholarships, commissioning research projects and awarding research prizes. Perhaps the most unique aspect of the Foundation is its international orientation, with a total of 14 collaborative partnerships with universities in Europe, Turkey, China and the USA. More than 50 scholarships and 25 scientific prizes have been awarded in 15 years. The Dr. Friedrich Jungheinrich Foundation currently supports 15 scholarship recipients from Germany, Austria, Turkey and Brazil. 

Thomas Heyn, Chairman of the Dr. Friedrich Jungheinrich Foundation: “We help up-and-coming talented individuals to develop their professional and personal skills and strengthen their academic development. The fundamental importance of education when it comes to the advancement of our society and economy cannot be emphasised enough. It is our aim to make a contribution here by providing targeted support to MINT subjects. We are tasked with taking social responsibility and supporting excellent students and innovative collaboration. It is both fascinating and inspiring in equal measure to experience close up the successful work and joy of the scholarship recipients and prizewinners and to support them over the years.” 


The Dr. Friedrich Jungheinrich Foundation awards scholarships directly to young people who demonstrate an outstanding level of technical or scientific talent, from bachelor’s and master’s students to doctoral candidates. In addition to monthly financial assistance, fellows receive non-material support. For the duration of their grant – a maximum of three years – they are assigned a Jungheinrich mentor who provides professional advice and support. They also have the opportunity to attend a variety of seminars.  

The second and third pillars of the Foundation’s work are based on its direct partnerships with universities. In some cases, it commissions special research projects and supports professorships, such as the Institute for Technical Logistics at Hamburg University of Technology, with an exchange of knowledge or with material and financial donations. In others, it awards research prizes to outstanding students and graduates at the Kühne Logistics University (KLU), the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW), the Helmut Schmidt University (HSU) and other institutions.  

For more information, visit www.jungheinrich-stiftung.de 

If you have any questions, please contact Julia Thiel, +49 69483452, +49 176 - 81054994, julia.thiel@jungheinrich.de

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