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Driverless transport system for Codorníu

Nine ERC 213a with state-of-the-art security and navigation Technology.

Partially automated material flow for efficient transport processes.

Maximum vehicle availability through lithium-ion technology with automatic charging. 

Codorníu, Spain’s leading quality cava and wine producer, has commissioned Jungheinrich to automate pallet transport at its San Sadurni De Noya site in north-eastern Spain. As the world's largest producer of bottle-fermented sparkling wine, Codorníu operates a total of 14 wine cellars. To cope with this high production volume, the partially automated and digitalised material flow is supported by an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) system, which guarantees particularly reliable and process-safe transport sequences.  

The Jungheinrich solution for Codorníu is an efficient combination of manual and automated warehouse operation. Nine Automated Guided Vehicles will be supplied for this purpose. The new ERC 213a ensures smooth transportation of goods between the individual racking and block warehouses, which together have over 6,000 storage locations. The AGVs also ensure that the pallets are neatly stacked and unstacked.  

Thanks to its compact design, the ERC 213a is ideally suited for working in narrow aisles and can lift loads of up to 1,300 kg to a maximum lifting height of 3800 mm. The electrically controlled, powerful lift motor ensures smooth, quiet lifting and lowering – even at such elevated lifting heights. The vehicles are steered by a control software. Navigation is carried out by means of laser technology. For this purpose, reflectors are installed along the 700 m long track, which the ERC 213a can use to orientate itself in space. 

To ensure safety in such mixed operations with manual vehicles and pedestrians, the AGVs are equipped with personal security scanners. These continuously scan the vehicle environment for obstacles and, if necessary, stop when they encounter a person. 

The Jungheinrich automation solution operates here as a Connected System. The new AGV is easily integrated into Codorníu's existing Warehouse Management System (WMS) via a logistics interface. This enables smooth communication between employees and the material handling equipment and ensures transparent warehouse processes. 

At the same time, the advanced lithium-ion technology guarantees high handling rates and maximum availability, as the AGVs are equipped with automatic charging functions. The AGV automates standardised routine tasks, enabling Codorníu to deploy its staff much more effectively. This means enormous time and cost savings and the sensible use of resources.

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