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Ad-hoc release: Forecast 2020

Against the backdrop of a significantly declining market in recent months, higher volatility in order intake and, in particular, a lack of positive economic and market signals, the Board of Management and the Supervisory Board of Jungheinrich AG estimate that the Group's business performance in 2020 will be significantly weaker than in the current fiscal year. For 2020, revenue is expected to range between €3.6 billion and €3.8 billion (forecast for the full year 2019: between €3.85 billion and €4.05 billion) and EBIT between €150 million and €200 million (forecast for the full year 2019: between €240 million and €260 million). As a result, according to current estimates, EBIT return on sales is expected to range between 4.0 percent and 5.5 percent (forecast for the full year 2019: between 6.0 percent and 6.7 percent).

Despite the difficult economic environment, extensive investments are still being made, especially in the areas of digitalisation, automation and lithium-ion technology. In addition, measures are being taken to increase efficiency in order to safeguard profitability even under deteriorated market conditions.

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