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Jungheinrich pauses production at the Moosburg plant until Easter

Supplier bottleneck: Jungheinrich pauses production at the Moosburg plant until Easter

Hamburg/Moosburg, March 26, 2020: Jungheinrich will temporarily shut down production at its main production plant in Moosburg from Friday, March 27, 2020 onwards. This is due to current delivery shortages in the supply of materials by component providers as caused by the corona crisis. The aim is to resume production after Easter. By then, the relevant material stocks should be replenished. The employees are on short-time work during this period. All other Jungheinrich plants as well as after-sales operations are not affected by the plant's production break in Moosburg: Jungheinrich continues to provide its customers with the best possible support, especially in food production and processing, food wholesaling and retailing, medical supply as well as in transport and warehousing logistics, among others, which are of immense significance in the currently difficult Situation. 

The Jungheinrich plant in Moosburg produces battery-powered and IC engine counterbalance trucks. Jungheinrich was able to quickly implement a pragmatic short-time working arrangement with its approximately 1,000 employees. This helps the company and its employees.

 The plant in Moosburg remains open during the production break; goods acceptance is ensured.

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