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Stage ERE BA 116

Electric ride-on/pedestrian pallet truck 1.600 kg

  • 120 - 120 mm
  • 1600 - 1600 kg
  • Most compact ride-on truck in the Jungheinrich truck series
  • Travel speed reduced automatically when cornering
  • Powerful, maintenance-free 3-phase AC motor
  • Easy to control due to the functionality of the tiller
  • Hydraulic motor shuts down automatically at max. height

ERE BA 116

The ERE BA 116 is a 1.6 t ride-on pallet mover developed ideally for light-duty applications in confined spaces. Easily folded side arms and automatic reduction in cornering speed provide all-around protection for the operator in the ride-on mode. The wide-bodied stand-on platform combined with further reduced steering force, offers a comfortable driving experience which reduces fatigue and at the same time increases efficiency. Especially nimble design with a turning radius of just 1490 mm enables the most agile performance for use in confined spaces.


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