High performance. Low cost.

The start to levelling up your productivity.

Move heavy loads faster, safer and easier.

  • Easy-to-use
  • Ease of maintenance with maintenance-free battery and onboard charger
  • Compact design ensures high performance even in narrow spaces
  • Highest level of safety and truck stability
  • Low cost of ownership

Ameise CBD 15

Electric pedestrian truck

Load capacity 1,500kg

Ameise CDD 10

Electric Pedestrian Stacker

Load capacity 1,000kg

Ameise CPCD 25/30

Diesel forklift truck

Load capacity 2,500kg / 3,000kg

Ameise CPCD 25/30

LPG forklift truck

Load capacity 2,500kg / 3,000kg

AMEISE: Quality that pays for itself since 1948

Ameise started in Hamburg Germany by Dr Friedrich Jungheinrich - the founder of Jungheinrich Group - with the commitment to develop technical solutions that would change the world of logistics.


Over the years, Ameise has evolved to meet the changing logistics needs with practical and reliable products ranging from robust pallet trucks to flexible material handling units - at very affordable prices.