Automated warehouse with new contour control

- Automated warehouse with over 10,000 storage locations across 12 aisles - Five automatic ETX 515a high rack stackers from Jungheinrich - New contour control eliminates the need for conveyor technology

The novel Jungheinrich contour control system allows pallets to be efficiently moved to automated areas via reach trucks.

Depro-Kautetzky GbR from Wenkbach, central Hesse, has ordered a comprehensive intralogistics package from Jungheinrich. The order submitted by the company specialising in logistics services for the food industry includes the construction of a 12-aisle automated warehouse with 10,128 storage locations, as well as five ETX 515a automated guided vehicles (AGVs) from Jungheinrich. The forklift trucks have telescopic forks, which can be stored at depositing heights of up to 12.8 metres. Busbars are used to power the forklift trucks, which makes continuous operation possible. A special feature of the Jungheinrich solution is the complete lack of conveyor technology for transferring the pallets to the automated area. The pallets are transferred manually by reach trucks. Contour control of the pallets takes place at a total of 36 cantilever transfer points. Sensors located above the transfer points check the load units from all sides for overhangs to ensure problem-free handling.  According to Mr Wolfgang Schratz and Gert Kautetzky, the Managing Directors of Depro-Kautetzky GbR: "The Jungheinrich contour control saves space, is particularly powerful and has high redundancy. Disruptions to operations are virtually eliminated. The system was recommended to us by ESM Ertl Systemlogistik GmbH from Minden, where it is used successfully. That is why we purposely planned from the inside out and developed the rest of the warehouse around the logistics solution". Depro-Kautetzky relies on the Jungheinrich Warehouse Control System (WCS) for forklift truck and area access control. This frees the load carriers for storage in the narrow aisle warehouse and notifies the Warehouse Management System (WMS). The implementation of the first construction phase is planned for May 2019.



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