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Lithium-ion-technology made by Jungheinrich

Lithium-ion technology from Jungheinrich

Li-ion power gives you the decisive advantage required to win.

Li-ion batteries are revolutionising the market for electric industrial trucks. And with good reason. High-performance energy cells score over traditional lead-acid batteries with world-leading performance, fast charging times and zero maintenance. Our li-ion batteries ensure continuous operation and thanks to their long service life, you get plenty of use out of them. 

Li-Ionen Zufriedenheitsgarantie Neu
100 % satisfaction. Guaranteed.

We are convinced this decision is right for you. That‘s why we guarantee that you can easily and quickly switch back to the original technology at any time within the first 6 months – without stating reasons. 100 % satisfaction. Guaranteed.

Li-Ionen Garantie Neu
5 years carefree. Guaranteed.

With the Jungheinrich Li-ion Guarantee Plus, we give you a long-term performance promise of up to 5 years on our high-quality lithium-ion batteries, so you can completely concentrate on your tasks without worrying.

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The benefits of li-ion batteries at a glance.

Content Li-Ionen

Back in the race again faster.

Extremely short charging times.

Li-ion batteries are always charged and ready for use across shifts. After an intermediate charge of only 30 minutes, a 24 V battery will have reached 50 percent of its capacity. Boost and intermediate charging possibilities, such as during breaks and downtime, ensure 24/7 availability of your vehicles while increasing flexibility in your day-to-day warehouse operations.

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Maximum power at all times.

With constant high performance.

Li-ion batteries perform better than lead-acid batteries. Greater depth of discharge and a constant voltage characteristic mean that more power than with lead-acid batteries is available even when the battery is running low. The batteries recover energy during braking, and a better overall efficiency rating enables them to save up to 20 percent more energy. In addition, communication between the battery and the charger ensures efficient and fast charging.


Ready to start at all times.

Without any waiting times.

Li-ion batteries are always ready for the next lap. With no need for breaks. They are completely maintenance-free and do not release gas. Thus, there is no need to spend time or money on maintenance, battery servicing or other infrastructure requirements. Downtime is also a thing of the past with li-ion batteries.

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Stay in the race three times as long.

Thanks to a particularly long service life.

Just like a good sprinter, li-ion batteries are impressive at all stages of the race. That is because the batteries last three times longer than traditional energy storage units. Their extraordinary endurance and consistently higher efficiency rating secure your investment while saving on power costs. 

Portrait Dr. Brzoska
Dr. Lars Brzoska
Chairman of the Board of Management

“Globally, no other brand has more lithium-ion industrial trucks in service than Jungheinrich”

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Peak performance with a top-level team.

A perfectly synchronised system.

A world-class runner needs team backing to reach top performance. And the same goes for li-ion batteries. Full potential is only achieved when everything works together perfectly. As the only complete system supplier for intralogistics, Jungheinrich offers you a comprehensive, interconnected system in which the battery, charging unit and vehicle perfectly communicate with each other, thus significantly reducing power requirements. We can achieve this level of perfection because we are the first manufacturer of industrial forklift trucks in the world that produces its own li-ion batteries and also implements them for you. And our team approach means we are there for you at every stage of your li-ion project. Whether for retrofitting a single vehicle or converting entire truck fleets. Our consultants are there to help you throughout the process, from planning to implementation.

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Stage Li-ION

Perfect coordination on the path to success.

The complete system from Jungheinrich.

Jungheinrich provides everything required to deploy lithium-ion technology, from a single source:

batteries (1), chargers (2), vehicles (3) and consulting (4).

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A pioneer in li-ion technology. Series-ready vehicles in use since 2011.

In the race for electromobility in intralogistics, Jungheinrich has confidently taken the lead and mastered lithium-ion technology like no other. Right from the start in 2011 – the EJE 112i was the first series-ready li-ion vehicle ever – we have been rigorously developing the technology here at Jungheinrich Energy and Drive Systems (EDS), and have constantly expanded our portfolio of forklift trucks powered by li-ion batteries. Almost our entire fleet is now li-ion ready.

Achieve your goals safely – every time.

Li-ion batteries from Jungheinrich are safe.

With li-ion batteries from Jungheinrich, you are safely on course for every lap of the race. Our batteries are manufactured using the safest cell chemistry available, lithium iron phosphate. They are non-toxic and do not release gas. Our specially developed battery management system uses highly refined functions to monitor each cell and will gently power down in the event of danger. Our customer service handles transport and disposal, thus ensuring maximum safety for people and equipment.

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Teaser ETV 216i Li-Ionen Neu

The new endurance expert for improved throughput.

ETV 216i – the first li-ion reach truck.
The ETV 216i is the latest innovation in our lithium-ion technology. It’s the first reach truck with a fully integrated lithium-ion battery. Its full power and long-lasting performance significantly improve this endurance expert’s efficiency and throughput. Its revolutionary vehicle design also ensures top ergonomic and safety performance in your warehouse. 
Find out more about the ETV 216i

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Sporting growth in the team.

The EFG with li-ion technology.
Almost the entire Jungheinrich fleet is li-ion ready. That includes our EFG counterbalance forklift trucks. In addition to our proven lead-acid batteries, you can now launch into action with powerful 80 V (500 Ah) lithium-ion batteries. Fast charging times, zero maintenance and a long service life ensure that the EFG with lithium-ion technology is one step ahead with higher handling capacity and energy efficiency. 
Found out more about the EFG

Content Li-Ionen Teaser EKS

Top-performance order picking

Jungheinrich is constantly increasing the number of series-ready industrial trucks using lithium-ion technology. Our Series 3 EKS vertical order picker with an innovative 48 V li-ion battery guarantees high-performance, safe and energy-efficient order picking. All made possible by fast charging times, no maintenance requirement and a particularly long service life. 
Found out more about the EKS

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